• Frequently asked Questions?

  • Q. Do you take credit cards?

    Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The card AND cardholder must be present. We cannot accept credit cards over the phone.

    Q. Do you accept personal checks?

    Yes, with the following conditions:

    • The check must be pre-printed with name, address, phone number. We also require a drivers license number and phone number. We do not accept starter or counter checks (no pre-printed name).
    • Authorization from TeleCheck. If they do not issue authorization, we are unable to accept the check and an alternate form of payment will be required.
    • We do not accept checks on impounded vehicles.
    • We do not accept third-party checks.
    • We do not give cash back on any checks, including instant-money checks such as Comchek and EFS.

    Q. Can you bill my insurance company for my service?

    If you have towing insurance, most insurance companies have a roadside company that handles those requests. In order for them to cover it with little or no out of pocket cost to you, you must go through that roadside number.

    In the case of some central Connecticut State Farm agents, we are able to bill the agent direct. Please contact our office to see if your State Farm agent participates in this program.
    Insurance companies will not pay for towing, recovery and storage costs for vehicles that are impounded because of an arrest or being illegally parked.

    Q. My car is impounded, do you have payment plans?

    Yes. Our payment plan policy is as follows:

    • The bill must be larger than $500.
    • The vehicle is not allowed to be removed from our impound lot until the final payment is made.
    • The vehicle must be eligible for release. We do not offer payment plans on any vehicle that has been ordered held by a government official, ie: police department, fire department, US Marshal, etc. This includes vehicles that have been seized.
    • 20% of the entire bill is required as a down payment
    • Payments will be one of the following: 4 additional payments, due weekly on the day the down payment is made, 2 additional payments, due bi-weekly on the day the down payment is made f you make your down payment on a Friday,,your weekly payment is due every Friday, until paid in full, your bi-weekly payment is due on the 2nd and 4th Friday from the down payment.
    • Once the down payment is received, storage will be stopped. Providing that the scheduled payments are made, you will incur no additional storage. However, if one payment is missed, all waived storage will be added and we are unable to stop it again. It will incur until the vehicle is picked up.
    • There is no penalty for paying off the balance early.
    • Payment may be made by cash, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. The card and cardholder must be present. No checks are accepted.

    Q. You have my car, but I want my personal property. What do I do??

    • As per this law, only the following items will be released from impounded vehicles:
    • Food
    • Medicine
    • Perishable Property
    • Operator’s License (drivers license)
    • Cash, Credit Cards or Checks/checkbooks
    • Wallets
    • Purses
    • Property containing any operator’s licenses or other identifying documents or materials. All other contents of the vehicle will be held until the bill against the vehicle is settled. This includes radios, speakers, clothing, books, tools, etc.

    Q. It’s not my car, but my personal property is inside. Can I get it?

    • Yes, providing the following criteria are met:
    • The vehicle does not have a hold on it by a police department that prohibits us from allowing anyone access to the vehicle (ie. it’s being held for seizure).
    • The registered owner of the vehicle is present.,In the event the registered owner is not present (ie. they are out of state, incarcerated, etc), we will accept a notarized letter from them stating that you (your drivers license/state ID number must be listed) have their permission to remove your property from their vehicle. The letter must state specifically what they are allowing you to remove.
    • If the items are not the ones allowed by the law (food, medicine, perishable property, operator’s license (drivers license), cash, credit cards or checks/checkbooks, wallets, purses, property containing any operator’s licenses or other identifying documents or materials), then the original tow bill plus seven days of storage must be paid.
    • If you are wanting to pick the items up outside of 8am-5pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), a late release fee will apply.

    Q. I was told I had to pay a “Gate Fee” or a “Late Release Fee”. What is that?

    • Gate Fee: A “Gate Fee” is a fee charged every time someone is requesting access to the impound yard in regards to that vehicle, including when it is picked up and removed. A Gate Fee is charged regardless of the time the access is requested.
    • Late Release Fee: A “Late Release Fee” is charged when you are requesting access to the impound yard in regards to that vehicle after business hours, including when it is picked up and removed. This fee is also charged when you are removing personal items from the vehicle after hours.

    Q. My vehicle is broken down. Can I work on it in your impound lot?

    No, our insurance requirements do not allow anyone to work on a vehicle on our property, including the removal of parts. You would need to make arrangements to have the vehicle removed from our property.

    Q. Do you have requirements for accessing your impound yard?

    • Yes. Only the following people are allowed access to our impound yard (gate fees and/or late
    • release fees may apply)
    • Registered owner or their designated agent
    • Leave your friends in the vehicle that brought you…they will not be allowed in the yard
    • Insurance adjuster
    • Police officer Requirements for being allowed entrance to our impound yards:
    • At least 16 years of age. No one under the age of 16 will be admitted, with or without a guardian.
    • Closed toe shoes

    Q. Do you sell parts?

    No, we do not sell parts. There are several salvage yards in town that would be able to assist you.